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How we got here!

Bo Longgrear - Friday, May 24, 2024

Disciple Property Management was founded in 2001, starting with our own 2 rental homes in Richmond Hill Georgia. The story begins in 1993 with me as a young Second Lieutenant in the US ARMY serving at Fort Stewart in Hinesville.   I was straight out of the Corps of Cadets at  UNG and  I bought a brand new house in Sterling Creek subdivision, lived in it for 3 years, while renting rooms to other young officers that I had befriended. Today among investors, this is called the HouseHacking strategy. In 1996, I sold it and used the proceeds to buy two VA foreclosures, that I remodeled and turned into long term rentals. Today among investors, this is called the BRRRR strategy.  Just to be clear, I had no formal training and these Investing Strategies had not been named yet. I first heard of them years later, as they were mentioned on the BiggerPockets Podcast by Brandon Turner  and David Greene.

Over the next few years, I traveled the world in the Army, got married and we started having kids. During that time, I had local property managers handling my 2 rentals in Richmond Hill. I wasn’t very satisfied with the service I was paying for. So after leaving active duty, we returned to Richmond Hill, Ga and opened Disciple. My thought was that I could provide better service than what I had experienced. 

Property Management is not an easy business, and we have had to evolve and reinvent ourselves as a business many times. This is in an effort to keep up with Landlord/Tenant Laws and expectations of both Investors and also residents, all of which are ever changing. 

We have implemented processes and systems, not only to handle the demands and expectations of Property Management and to best care for our properties and for our residents in an efficient manner, but also to be consistent and make sure we are abiding by Fair Housing requirements.  Those are not requirements that we want to mess up, even by mistake!

Fast forward to today and we manage more than 250 rentals for 100+ individual investors.  If you have rental property in our area of service and would like Professional Property Management, we would love to talk. 

If you are an investor looking to grow your portfolio, we have a number of investment opportunities. Pembroke Pines is 10 miles from the Hyundai Plant and we currently have an opportunity for limited partners on a 16 unit townhome project as well. 

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